What is a First Responder Blanket?

EMS needs to provide quick and effective care, and often times this means that once the scene is clear, they must keep the victim warm while they administer aid and prepare for transport. One of the best items for this is the disposable first responder blanket. With a disposable blanket, this is easier than ever. The blankets come in an individual package so that the provider can always tell that they are new and after they have completed transport they don’t have to worry about washing or even getting the blanket back. This takes one extra step out of the process so that the provider can focus all of their attention on providing the best care possible and getting the patient to medical care quickly.

First Responder blankets are one of the essential items that an EMT always has with them, and it seems straightforward that they are used to keep a patient warm when it is cold out, or when they might be going into shock and this is true, in cold environments you will always see patients wrapped in many blankets for transport. However, there is another use for responder blankets that is even more important. The blanket can be used to help protect victims and first responders when they are on a scene and there may be dangerous debris.

Protecting against further injury especially important when a person must be extracted from a car after an accident. There can be sharp metal or glass that is in the way of the extraction and if the victim is wrapped in a first responder blanket they will be protected from the debris. First responders then can be sure that there will be no additional injuries caused by the extraction, and they can even protect themselves by positioning the blanket in a way to cover the sharp or dangerous object.

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