Home Remedies for a Cold

There are a variety of theories on fighting the common cold, many of which are myths. Also no two people’s immune systems are identical, so not all remedies will work for everyone. With this post, we’re outlining several tips on how to knock your cold out quicker.

1. Rest
When coming down with a cold, you may begin to feel sluggish. Your body is trying to fight the illness and the best way to help your body is by resting. If you aren’t feeling productive, it’s probably best to stay home and sleep. If you can’t miss work or school, try to refrain from anything too physically taxing.

2. Hydrate
Keeping fluids level up by drinking plenty of water is important to drain the cold from your system and help your immune system fight the cold.

3. Try Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicine
When symptoms are at their worst, try OTC medicine for a couple days. OTC medicine can provide relief from several symptoms to allow your immune system to recover and attack the cold more forcefully. Seek medical advice on what dosage to take beyond the labeled instructions. OTC medicines that may help, depending on your symptoms, include: NyQuil, DayQuil, Mucinex, Advil, Delsym, Airborne and Tussin.

4. Go see the Doctor
If your symptoms increase and worsen no matter what you do, go seek medical attention. The cold you started with may have worsened to something else that seeks a prescription or instructions from a physician.

Other home remedies that have been known to help many people include: gargling with salt water for sore throats, eat one or two teaspoons of honey for a cough and utilize a neti pot or nasal sprays for congestion.

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