How to Wrap a Knee with an Ace Bandage

Knee injuries are one of the most common sports injuries and they can range from slight sprains to complete tears of tendons and ligaments. For minor knee injuries and added support, wrapping a knee with a reusable bandage such as an Ace Bandage can be very beneficial. This can be used to help an athlete still compete while recovering or to help with the injury therapy. The bandage still allows a range of motion but with the added support that can help to avoid knee discomfort or even dislocations.

Ace Bandage Wrap

When wrapping the knee, it is important to start by icing the area using to limit the blood flow because this is more conducive to beginning the wrapping and also eliminates any swelling that may be coming from the injury. Then, wrap around the knee once using the wrap to keep the loose end in place. When wrapping the bandage, you should overlay about half of the width of the bandage each time to form a good hold. It is easy to wrap too tightly, so being sure to give a snug, but not too tight fit is very important.

For a demonstration of knee wrapping, see this video.

If you have sustained a knee injury, talking to an athletic trainer or doctor about your condition will help you to better understand your treatment options.

*You can also you ace bandages on other points of the body, such as ankles and elbows.

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