Medical Sea Paks and Marine First Aid Kits

Injuries on the water can come in many different shapes and forms, from getting pricked by a fish hook, to getting injured in a serious boating accident. It is not easy to get immediate help out on the water, which is why having your boat stocked with a marine first aid kit is essential for boating safety. Your boats’ first aid kit needs to be stocked with the necessary items to handle both mild and serious medical situations. Our line of Medical Sea Pak and Marine First Aid Kits has everything you need to stay safe on the water this summer. From small compact kits that are perfect for your jet ski, to large excursion kits containing supplies for up to 10 crew members, everything you need to be prepared on the water.

We currently have a selection of over twenty marine first aid kits each with a different range of products that are pertinent to your specific needs. Our kits are available in waterproof, hard sided and soft sided cases. Many of our kits have a modular design which helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to find and use the first aid supplies/equipment. We also offer a variety of refill supplies to replenish your Medical Seapak or marine kit when they have been used up. We make it easy for you to keep the kits stocked with up to date first aid supplies.

All Medical Seapak and Marine Kits are made with quality items from By assembling the kits ourselves, we ensure that they contain essential items that you will need in the event of a boating emergency. Our line of Medical SeaPak kits can be found on boats all over the world from small day boats to ocean crossing super yachts, and our Daypak kit is the first aid kit of choice on coast guard cutters in every port in the United States.

As a boat owner, you are responsible for the safety of your passengers as soon as they board your vessel. It is your responsibility to have the necessary medical supplies to help treat injuries in the event of a medical emergency. Whether you’re offshore with a large crew, going on a fishing trip, or just taking the boat out for a cruise, having a well-stocked and reliable first aid kit will give you the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared to handle any situation out on the water.