Shop Our Newly Re-Designed First Aid Kits stocks over 100 different styles of high-quality first aid kits that meet the needs of any situation and price range. All of the contents of our kits are designed by experts, and now so are our labels. We are proud to introduce our newly redesigned labels for the following first aid kits:

Insect Sting Relief Kit: This kit is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Our Insect Sting Relief kit is compact and contains everything you need to relieve insect bites or stings immediately. The kit even includes a cold pack to help relieve initial sting pain and reduce swelling. This kit is compact and easy to store, and the bright label makes it easy to identify. And the best part, this kit costs less than $5.00! Be sure to bring this kit with you on your next hike or camping trip.


Restaurant Kit: Things move fast in a restaurant kitchen, and accidents are inevitable. Our Restaurant kit has everything you need to treat everyday injuries including additional burn treatment products. Our new and improved kit includes Blue Metal Bandages which allow you to easily find them if they have fallen off. This kit has everything you need to stay safe in the kitchen.



Swimming Pool First Aid Kit: Just in time for summer, our Swimming Pool First Aid Kit is perfect to keep with you by any body of water. Its contents are meant to treat minor safety injuries, and it is easy to mount on any surface. Plus, when closed the kit becomes waterproof! Make sure to bring this kit by your side this summer.


Personal Burn Kit: This personal sized burn care first aid kit has everything you need to treat basic burn injuries. It’s ideal for the kitchen or places where burns are more probable. This compact kit is easy to store and the bright label makes it easy to identify. Best of all this kit costs less than $12.00. Burns might not happen every day, but when they do you’ll be sure to want immediate relief, and this kit has all the necessary components to provide that relief.

All of these kits have the contents printed legibly on the front label so you know what’s inside before you even open them up. The labels also allow for you to quickly identify any products that need to be restocked. All of these kits cost less than $50.00, and are available on