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Burn Care Kits

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What is a Burn First Aid Kit?

Burn care kits contain tools and treatments to aid in burn emergencies. Our burn care kits include crucial products to properly treat and manage burns to prevent scarring.
We offer variations of burn care kits, depending on the type of case you want and the quantity of supplies you need. Each of these kits supply the user with Fieldtex quality products.

Skin burns can be severe injuries, and therefore need specific medical attention. Burn care supplies that are included in these kits include burn ointment to sterilize and reduce pain, and burn dressings, which are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the Cool Blaze burn gel and individually wrapped in a tear resistant foil package

Whether you need industrial burn jel for your workplace or a burn kit for your home, Fieldtex offers the kit to fit your burn treatment needs.